Winter Attractions in Dorset

Dorset is amazing in summer but you bet it’s also fantastic in winter with lots to do. There is absolutely no reason for you to stay indoors all winter and hibernate when you can go out and have some fun with family and friends.
In this article, in this article, you will find some of the most interesting activities you can do in the county during winter. We have made a list of what we enjoy most about Dorset’s in winter.

The Glorious Snow

Beautiful Snow

One of the loveliest sights to behold during winter in Dorset is the coastline covered in a blanket of snow. We cannot guarantee that you will get to see this except you’re very lucky, but you are more likely to see it if you head further inland in the north of the county and on hilltops. For your best chance of snow, you might want to visit the iconic Gold Hill in Shaftesbury or some of the highest hills in all of Dorset, such as Melbury Hill, Lewesdon Hill, Pilsdon Pen, and Eggardon.

The Golden Hour


beautiful-sunset-in-dorsetOn a regular day, sunrises and sunsets are great, but in summer they are absolutely spectacular. Head out early in the morning or later in the evening just before sunset and you’ll be stunned by the beauty. You can head to river valleys or Marshwood Vale to behold the magical scene of mist and frost on Dorset’s cold winter mornings. And in the evening, you can head to Portland Bill, West Bay, or Golden Cap for a fantastic view of the striking sunsets.

Take Selfies with the Monkeys

monkey selfieMonkey World in Dorset presents a fantastic opportunity for family fun that the children in particular will enjoy. The facility is dedicated to ensuring that monkeys remain safe and well taken care of by preserving their lives at the centre. With fantastic rehabilitation and rescue schemes, they do their best for the creatures. You can walk around the facility and enjoy watching the monkeys as you learn about all the different species there are.

Take a Trip to the Land of Dinosaurs

dinosaur-landThe Dinosaurland Fossil Museum is a grade one listed building where the tons of fossils that have been found in Dorset are beautifully displayed. The museum is dedicated to the studies and research of dinosaurs, so you bet you can learn quite a bit about the prehistoric animals. Dorset is not called the Jurassic Coast for nothing. After seeing the fossils at the museum, you can head on the Jurassic Safari. As you sit in a Land Rover, you will enjoy a tour of the world heritage site – one experience you won’t forget in a hurry.
If it’s your kind of thing, you can go fossil hunting on the beach between Lyme Regis and Charmouth. That location is perfect because the winter storms wash the fossils onto the beach. Before you go, be sure to learn about the tide times to be safe.

Stare at the Night Sky

Starry skyThere are few night skies in the country that are better than in Dorset. There is no better season to view the starry skies than winter when the nights are longer and the skies are clearer. Plus, there is not so much pollution from the cities and towns to interrupt your viewing. Winter is also perfect for stargazing because some of the best starscapes such as The Plough and Orion’s belt can be seen during the season. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a meteor shower too. On a special night, grab a coat, a blanket, and some hot chocolate to help keep you warm.

The Tivoli Theatre

tivoli-theatreFor a trip back in time into the golden era of theatre, you must head to the Tivoli Theatre. You can enjoy a wide array of entertainment ranging from on-stage performances and films showing on the cinema screen. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your evening if you are not too interested in staying out in the cold. Sometimes, what you need to brighten up your winter is a nice serving of delightful screen shows, swinging music, and loud laughter.

Sculpture by The Lakes

Sculpture by the lakeYou should head to Sculpture by The Lakes if you are up for some reflection, a bit of calmness, and of course, art. The amazing feature is the work of a selection of artists hosted by The Gallery. You can enjoy the Impressive sculptures as you take a walk by the lake also enjoying beautiful nature.

A Sky of Sea life

weymouth-sea-life-parkThe Sealife Weymouth Adventure Park presents a fantastic opportunity for the entire family to have some good fun. From animals that inhabit the depths of the ocean to creatures of the land, you’ll be treated to an array of nature’s finest creatures. As you walk under the water tunnel, you can enjoy the sight of crocodiles, penguins, and sharks going about their business above.

Food and Drink

food and drink in dorsetDorset has an amazing selection of food and drink places every foodie would love, but of course, you don’t have to be a foodie to have a swell time because everyone will find something that works for them. The local produce is fantastic and you can decide to enjoy some of that goodness in a restaurant or pub, or buy some fresh food from one of the several farmers’ markets to cook a delicious meal for yourself. The county is also filled with local teahouses and cafés that offer delicious treats and teas.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year Dorset Style

christmas-night in dorsetYou can have the most enchanting Christmas that both the children and adults will enjoy in Dorset. You can explore the many craft and Christmas gift fairs, watch a Christmas panto, and see Santa at the Swanage Steam Railway. You will also not want to miss any of the late-night shopping events. Stay on till New Year when Dorset residents enjoy famous fancy dress celebrations in Bridport and Weymouth.
Well, what are you waiting for? Start planning your itinerary for a winter holiday in Dorset!

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