Why You Should Visit Wiltshire

Welcome to the Evergreen City of Wiltshire

The magnificent city Wiltshire has for a very long time held a special attraction for both visitors and residents as the y explore its awe-inspiring World Heritage Sites. From Avenbury and Stonehenge have for centuries had a magnetic pull for people from all around the world. Up till today, adventurers and explorers can still see and feel the trails of Saxons, Normans and Romans in the countryside and towns.  So come over to the delightful city of Wiltshire and take trip through time and experience life in the golden past.

Once in Wiltshire, you’ll certainly have a pleasant trouble deciding which of the many World Heritage Sites to visit. But let’s help make your choice making a little easier. How about starting with the medieval city of Salisbury to visit the imposing and glorious cathedral, and then head over to Longleat and on to Stourhead to tour the National Trust’s gardens.

In this enchanted city, you will feel a oneness with nature as you try to take in the breathtaking sceneries of the ever-changing big skies.  Wiltshire is famous for its iconic white horses engraved into the rolling downs, with half of the city designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). And that means at Wiltshire, there are a thousand and one ways enjoy the spectacular English countryside, from walking to cycling, fishing to horse-riding, golfing to canal boat trips, and so much more.

Go on a refreshing and pleasure-sailing tour with friends and family as you relax in groups and enjoy some of Wiltshire’s local delicacies and special brews at the restaurants, tea shops and bars around the county.

Indulge your shopping-loving side at the fascinating designer and factory outlets in Wilton and Swindon, or explore the countless independent shops and stores that dot the elegant market towns.

Are you an art connoisseur? Then Wiltshire is a paradise to see with its striking and diverse landscape and bustling art scenes, including arts centres, cinemas and theatres. Then fete your wild and party-goer instincts with the city’s exciting lineup of festivals and events with roots in both the present and rich cultural past.

Actors in a play

Tranquil, comforting and charming, a weekend spent in Wiltshire will refresh you with vigour and get you all bouncy and enthusiastic for the days ahead. So when you visit the city, just let your mind and heart wander free from all the worries and stress of the week and indulge in warm, enchanting pleasure to your heart’s desire. And one more detail you’ll love: Wiltshire is only about 90 minutes or less from London.

Some come over to this ageless, evergreen city with evergreen wonders, evergreen places, evergreen pleasures and evergreen nature. Visit Wiltshire today and set your own footprints in the sands of time in this magical city.

 Outstanding sites of attraction in Wiltshire

Now, you already know nearly half of Wiltshire is designate an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB); that is, a place of magnificent natural wonder set aside and protected as a national important landscape for their unique beauty, character and communities.

Whereas some counties don’t have a single AONB, and others have just one, in Wiltshire we have an impressive three AONBs — an evidence of a city steeped in culture, history and natural wonders. To the north of the county, Wilshire hosts a part of The Cotswolds; and in the southwest is Cranborne Chase & West Wiltshire Downs; as well as the North Wessex Downs.

How will you like to explore Wilshire?

There are so many fascinating things you’ll love to do in Wiltshire; because in this city you won’t just see intriguing and inspiring relics preserved from the past and listen heart-throbbing stories of legends, heroes and villains. You can feel them too and wander through the glorious past with the Saxons, Normans and Romans as they make their marks in history.

Besides seeing the truly enthralling medieval city of Salisbury, you should also make sure to explore the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, National Trust’s gardens at Stourhead, and Longleat.

See our proud industrial heritage at Crofton Beam Engines and Wilton Windmill, Wadworth Brewery, and STEAM Museum or Swindon & Cricklade Railway. Be mesmerized with sights of bisons, butterflies and other farmyard favourites; or discover Wiltshire’s incomparable archeology in our history-rich museums.

Always changing with the season, the magical countryside in Wiltshire brings you so closely to nature and connects you with time. The panoramic scenes are simply breathtaking. Go to the skies with a hot air balloon ride, a tandem skydives, or a treasure trail. You may also want to try a day’s trout fishing, or go golfing in the lush greenery, or splash the water with a canal boat trip. Or would you rather take to the road for your exploration trip or try out some real-life adventure escape game? You bet the experience is no less thrilling!

And there’s still more. How about going on a horse ride soaking in the stunning views of the countryside from the horse back? You can also consider renting a bike and enjoy the excitement of cycling around free, un-crowded country lanes. And if you prefer a walking adventure, there a lots of safe walking trails to explore the captivating landscape.

Shopping in Wiltshire

Wiltshire is brimming with inviting stores and centres to go on shopping binge. From the Designer Outlet at Swindon to small towns dotting with independent shops, the opportunities to shop simply sprawl out before you in Wiltshire.

It’s the perfect place to spread wares and build stores and malls for independent retailers, great shopping centres and specialist shops. And for shoppers like you; it’s sheer delight.

In Salisbury, the shopping streets have a tranquil, leisurely and relaxed air; and the many historic towns that make up Wiltshire, you’ll experience the joy of having an amazing number of independent retailers with alluring and rare items that get you salivating.


Festivals in Wiltshire

In Wiltshire, you can make life can be a carnival with a host of awesome arts and music festivals and events round the year.

In May, double up the family fun with a trip to the Downton Cuckoo Fair that holds in the scenic village greens. There are over 250 stalls, craft exhibitions, music, maypole and Morris dance and a lot more fun. And you know what else? It’s completely free!

May also welcomes the Chippenham Folk Festival during the second bank holiday weekend. This unique carnival offers you the opportunity to see nationally famous performers combine with some exciting young musicians, singers and dancers. Annually, the festival records over 200 individual events spread in 17 venues around the Georgian town of Chippenham.

And as you near the end of that month up till mid June, the whole city waits with bated breath for the Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival, with a tantalizing display of dance, theatre, classical and popular music, comedy, visual arts, and a full literature event. There are also tons of free outdoor attractions and other family fun events.

Still in June, you can enjoy the Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival and the Vintage Nostalgia Festival near Warminster.

In the summer comes the two-months-long Iford Arts Festival with an exciting lineup of jazz proms, opera, and cloister concerts from the tranquil surroundings of the Peto Gardens (listed as Grade 1) at Iford Manor.

And you certainly can’t afford to miss the Edington Music Festival, or the Trowbridge Arts Festival later in the year; with heart-stopping schedules of songs, arts and cultural events to see, visit or be a part of.

You can also watch out for other great festival and events that make Wiltshire timeless beauty, such as the Malmesbury Carnival & Festival, and the Devizes International Street Festival and Carnival; a whole two weeks of colourful Carnival Parade, Picnic in the Park, and the Confetti Battle.

Family Fun in Wiltshire

Planning an exciting outing with whole family for the next holiday break? Your kids and partners will love and ever be grateful with a fun-filled adventure visit to Wiltshire.

Longleat is one of the city’s greatest family attractions with features like a Jungle Cruise, Monkey Temple, Dinosaurs Alive and a lot more fun places! See some of the animals you’ve only before now watched on BBC’s Animal Park. Set yourself free and let your spirit of adventure out in the adventure playground, and submerge yourself in the fabulous Christmas Festival of Lights.

Feed and play with an array of animals at Roves Farm or Cholderton Charlie’s Farm; and meet with different animals at Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. Be enraptured with magnificent scenes of flitting butterflies at Studley Grange Butterfly World & Craft Village. Or take a locomotive ride at STEAM – Museum of the Great Western Railway.

Have you always been fascinated by knights and their princesses in distresses? So, how about practicing to be one at the and discover how it was done in the old times past at Old Wardour Castle or English Heritage’s Old Sarum events that hold throughout the year. There are also tour busses for adventurers who’d like to explore the thrills of Stonehenge.



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