Why You Should Visit Bath

Welcome to the lovely and unforgettable city of Bath!

Are you in search of a charming city that gives you all you’ve ever wanted and more? A city with lights, scenes, events and a personality that leaves you in awe and makes you want to come back over and over again? A city with all things beautiful and lively and where you can shop to your heart’s delight, or relax and unwind in ambiance of warmth and tranquility?

Torquay Harbor, Devon

Then say hello to Bath, a strikingly beautiful city so unique it has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

In Bath, you can bathe in natural hot spa spring and enjoy a warm dip in original Roman Baths – the only place you can enjoy that treat in the UK; and which makes this truly vivacious, trendy, creative and unique city the dream spa destination for countless years to come.

So whether you’re planning a short romantic getaway, or want a fun family holiday or you’re looking for a great place for pure gastronomic pleasure, or even perhaps you want to enjoy a bus or train tour, you’ll find Bath the paradise you’d imagined.

In this incredible city, take a time travel and be amazed at England’s most complete Georgian architecture; or enjoy an extraordinary experience visiting the Stonehenge or the Longleat Safari Park. Then take a break to attend to your fashion and style instincts with great boutique shopping.

Love parties and some more fun to top to all of the excitements?  Bath’s fantastic nightlife and fabulous festivals will make you fall in love all over again with the city. And of course, where’s the fun without some lovely and delightful hangout spots, restaurants, bars and cafés? The choices are surplus, inviting and mouth-watering.

What to do in Bath

An historical place beside a river

In this amazing city, you just cannot run out of what to do. You can only be spoilt for choice.

Although Bath is famous for its stunning architecture, world heritage sights and exciting history, which has made it a hub for tourists and holiday goers for thousands of years, Bath has other secret pleasures you can explore and enjoy too.

Been on a hot air balloon flight before or only read it in books? Well, you simply don’t want to miss out on the indescribable experience to see the astonishing city from above, do you? You’re sure to relish viewing from the skies so many iconic and delightful sights such as the Royal Crescent.

If you want some pumping energy action sports, then race to the thrilling motorsport experience at Castle Combe Race Circuit.

There are other equally adrenaline driving options like soaking in the ecstasy of an exciting  horse race at Bath Racecourse or  climbing the Cheddar Gorge.

If the kind of pleasure you’re likely for to pass the time is some live entertainment, then you can get a front row seat in the several suspense-ful and fun-filled plays at the theatre, musicals, concerts and comedy gigs.

If you’re the creative nerd and looking for an activity to reconnect with your imaginative side, The Makery offers you lots of opportunities to try your hands on making your own accessories and even underwear. And there are lots of excellent cooking courses for the foodies to get creative with, or you could just enjoy the fun of blowing your own glass at Bath Aqua Glass.

And the excitement isn’t just for single individuals and pairs, there are lots of tailored fun deals for the whole family too. The Longleat offers an unbelievable chance to see lions and tigers, and everyone could get engrossed and learn something at the theatre workshop at the egg, get to the Roman Baths to see real life historical characters.

Adventure-loving tourists can take the fun further to the water to get a view of the city from another exciting perspective. You can hire a canal boat or take a memorable tour along the River Avon or simply dive in straight into a wild swimming spot!

Perhaps you want to satisfy a curiosity on why Bath is renowned as a city with a rich heritage, you can explore relics from the past that dates back to the Georgian, Roman and Regency eras, and be serenaded with legendary stories of great events and happenings.

Still want more history and relics? The visit any of the many enthralling museums that spawn the city to discover all you’ve ever wanted to know from how the planet Uranus was discovered by William Herschel to the trendy fashion wears a century ago to how Jane Austen lived her days in Bath.

Shopping in Bath

Whatever what you’re looking to shop in Bath, you’ll come to think of this energetic city as a kind of shopping heaven.

Perhaps you first want some luxury skin treatment with a top quality spa and retail therapy break. You’re just in the right place as Bath is one of UK’s top locations for it. Or if you’re fashionista; you simply know all the latest and trendiest style and love all the big brands, then Bath is the shopping destination made just for you.

In Bath, you’ll have a surplus number of independent and individual shops to splurge on your favourite items on your next shopping trip. This city is a shopper’s delight, brimming with top brands in fashion and homeware such as Jo Malone, Jack Wills, Karen Millen, Ted Baker, Apple and Whistles. Actually, brands that used to be exclusive to just London such as Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Koople , and Brissi are now finding their second home in Bath — an evidence of Bath’s growing shopping reputation and potentials.

Added to the mix is an exotic collection of interesting independent retailers with a personalised and excellent customer approach to shoppers, along with delicious delis, gift shops, imaginative home ware emporia, inspiring art galleries, and rich bookshops.  With all of these great features and its compact city centre, Bath does have a lot to offer to retail shoppers to explore.

Nightlife in Bath

After the daytime adventure and explorations, you may want to wind down in style with a memorable night in Bath, because here the city never really sleeps. It comes alive all over again as night time falls and fills you with imaginations on best pleasure and entertainment options and spots.

And in Bath, you have lots of options to consider. If you love to to go to gigs and listening to love music, the choices are endless. Enjoy an open mic night at the Pig & Fiddle, or head to the Green Park Brasserie to watch the smooth jazz band playing. If rock is your game, then the Komedia or cabaret at the Chapel Arts Centre is the arena to find music that suits your tastes.

If your idea of an ideal nightlife is an evening at the theatre, then come feel the unique experience Bath offers with The Mission Theatre and The Theatre Royal, where you have a whole year round of a great mix of events, including dance, musicals, comedy, and drama, featuring some popular faces in the craft.

Perhaps you want to loosen up a little and get some good laughs for the night, then explore Bath’s many comical performances and stand-up comedian shows at Komedia, with comedy nights every week at The Porter basement.

You can also join up with The Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk to be part of an imaginatively funny way to know the city while enjoying a laugh.

Enjoy great nighttime food and drinks in Bath

With a buzzing food and wine scene offering a variety of traditional and intercontinental dishes, nightlife in Bath is an experience to relish with the city dotted with choice restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs.

Visit one of Bath’s cocktails bars and sample some of the divine tipples, or enjoy a few pints of local ale or cider, before getting on the dance floor at places like Second Bridge, The Nest, Komedia, Po Na Na,  OPA and more.

Need a quieter nightlife in Bath, get a reservation at the Thermae Bath Spa  for Twilight Package evening spa session.

Festivals & Events in Bath

Whatever month or city you chose to visit the city, there’ll be a reason to wear your carnival mood. Bath’s one year calendar of activities includes some famous yearly events that has made this city a hub for terrorists from all around the world.

Here’s a list of some of the most anticipated annual festival and arts in Bath. Perhaps you may find your muse there.

Vitality Bath Half Marathon
Bath Comedy Festival
Party in The City
The Bath Festival
Bath Fringe Festival
Iford Arts Festival
The Royal Bath & West Show
Bath Boules
Forest of Imagination
Bike Bath
Bath Carnival
Bath Folk Festival
The Jane Austen Festival
Great Bath Feast
Bath Children’s Literature Festival
The Bath Digital Festival
Bath Film Festival
Bath Rotary Club Fireworks Display
Bath Mozartfest
Bath on Ice & Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf
Bath Christmas Market
Bath Bachfest

At whatever time or season you decide to visit, you’ll discover Bath an ocean of fun, excitement, history and learning for everyone. Perhaps now’s the time to dive in and visit this unique and gorgeous city!

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