Walking Trails In Wiltshire

Maud Heath’s Causeway

This is a walk path across minor roads and footpaths. It begins at the Langley tap pub which is on the right side of this pathway. Along this walk path, you get to see the Maud Heath Memorial stone on the left, a small chapel on the right, the beautiful field along the River Avon, a bridleway junction, an old railway bridge, and a few other significant things. This arch pathway passes through the Avon floodplain and ends at the Langley Burrell. It is approximately a two miles distance.

Mere walk path

This walk path has a combination of fields with trees and old tracks. It is a five miles distance that starts from Salisbury Street car park and ends at the path leading to the Mere Castle. This walk path has a rare landscape caused by its steep hillside and earthworks that were used in time past. Along this path, you get to see an old bridge, a hilltop where you could stand and have a view of beautiful Mere, a reservoir, a farm and then the Mere Castle which is an old fortress with an incredible view. You could simply sit and relax here before heading back.

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Bradford on Avon walk path

Bradford on Avon is a lovely town with plenty of architectural history and treasures. This walk path is a four miles distance from Bradford on Avon station car park down into Bradford on Avon. On this walk path, you get to through things like the Tithe barn that was built in the 14th century and have a lot of history, a bridge that contains holiday boats and working barges, waterside houses, the great river Avon, two beautiful fields that has the lovely scent of flowers the Mythern meadow house and finally St. Magaret’s steps that lead back down into Bradford on Avon.

Bratton and Westbury White Horse

This is a beautiful walk path with an incredible view of the town. It begins in the village of Bratton and ends in Westbury White Horse which is about four miles distance. This walk path has views of the Imber Range perimeter path and Alton Barnes Horses. If you are a fan of history, the Bratton camp which is an Iron Age hill fort will be of great interest.

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Shearwater walk path

This is a walk path of about six miles that takes you along the Longleat Estate. It starts from the Shearwater and moves along the edge of the lake down to an open woodland and then to open fields that house beautiful flowers, butterflies, plants and birds. The path ends at a plantation of magnificent beech trees.

Seek South West Tips

Most walk paths in Wiltshire are clearly mapped but you may need to go with a simple map to avoid confusion or getting lost especially if you are taking a walk alone.