Walking Trails in Dorset

Burton Bradstock: Starting from the Burton Bradstock car park, take in some astonishing views of the Jurassic coast on this short and circular walk along the Burton Cliff. Offering abundant opportunities to clear your thoughts on a nice walk or a challenging hike. You can also catch a glimpse of the former smugglers landing stage, Hive Beach below the cliffs or walk down and find a wide variety of rocks that sometimes crack open to expose some grand fossils.

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Castleman Trailway: Using this route for commuting back and forth from work or just for recreation? Castleman Trailway is bound to offer you a beautiful passage where you can pass forestry plantations, cross-rivers and stunning countryside views. Bicycle, foot or horse, you can cover ground from Poole to the New forest without coming across a car.

Langdon HillTake a recreational stroll and bask in the astonishing views of the Gold Cap, the highest point in the south coast that gives off a rusty gold shine when the sunlight touches the mineral infused rocks. Another great area of Dorset filled with lovely history, woods with wild flowers and burial mounds. You can start off this lovely walk that has a network of footpaths that also includes the family friendly Smugglers Trail.

Godlingston Heath, Studland Beach and Nature Reserve: A distinctive place in the British Isles where six different species of reptile can be found. Starting from Middle Beach Car Park or Studland Village, this West coast path houses incredible beaches and mesmerizing views on the way to Sandbanks. Walk further along the beach to find a popular spot with tender sloping waters to help you relax.

West Bexington Walk: Enjoy this 18-mile long beach walk that stretches along the South West Coast Patch. It covers Chesil Beach, which is a shelter for Weymouth from the dominant waves and winds. Take a breath of the fresh air and catch a glimpse of fishermen on the coastline, and bird spotting opportunities further down by the nature reserve close by.

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Marshwood: From two Iron Age Hill forts, to recognizable ancient monuments, this walk that covers Lamberts castle offers you astonishing views of the entire surrounding area. Now a wildlife habitat, you can look through the medieval fishpond or admire the visibility of the coast.

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SSW Tips:  Try checking the weather forecast before leaving for your walk and get some good old wellington boots to accompany you. If you have a pet, ensure that you keep them on a leash at all times. If you intend on crossing a beach, make sure you know the tide times for safety reasons.