Walking Trails In Bristol

The best walking trails in Bristol

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The Walled City Walk

Explore the place where the town walls of Norman Bristol once stood in the walled city walk. The rich architectural heritage sometimes ignored the walls are not visible; hence, the route is hard to follow.

A tour guide describes the buildings and the best details about the area including the vibrant mercantile life of the city, influential to its development in the last 900 years. Above the shop, fronts is a vast range of decorations and sculpture from the Old City so don’t forget to look up. The walk is not long, lasting around 60 to 90 minutes.

Heritage Trails

The length of Bristol’s Floating Harbour, about 8mile of water stretching across three miles of the city reveals an amazing, diverse scenery. There are several walking trails along the harbour that walkers and cyclist use to explore the byways of Bristol. This includes the new cut 1 and 2, railway route, The Feeder Canal, Along the Harbour 1 and 2 and the Inner Harbour.

Bristol South Skyline Walk

The walk is a recent path created as part of the celebrations for Bristol Green Capital 2015. Take an electrifying walk across South Bristol to unpopular places where you can get a fresh perspective about Bristol. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or a cold winter morning, the route has something to offer.

The longer route takes 4 hours because of steep sections and unpaved road that dominate the route. The shorter route is 2 miles and takes about 90 minutes on the average to complete.

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River Avon Route

The trail runs from Pill to Pulteney Bridge and Bath. It has a medium distance of 23 miles and has become a favourite of walkers, horse riders and cyclists. It is managed by the Avon Frome Partnership and features 15 interpretation boards where you can access images about its ecosystem and the sea creature habitats.

Frome Valley Walkway

The Frome Valley Walkway is an enjoyable 18-mile path from the River Frome and the Cotswold Hills. Explore a range of landscape including the ancient town of Chipping Sodbury, the open countryside in South Gloucestershire, historic parks, Frenchay village and the valleys south of Winterbourne Down.

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SSW Tips: The River Avon route is better suited for cycling and walkers who have experience walking for hours. The long route of the Bristol South Skyline Walk is not suitable for people who can’t walk around areas of unpaved roads so stick to the short route to avoid hurting yourself.