Things To Do In Bristol

Seek South West: Things to Do in Bristol

The tourist destination you visit will determine the diversity of fun activities you can engage in. You may never run out of things to do in the case of Bristol.
Are you into sightseeing? Do you crave exotic cuisines? Do you want to shop in vibrant foreign markets?Or are you searching for a tourist destination with facilities that make engaging in your hobbies easy. Seek South West is here to introduce you to all these fun things to do and more in Bristol.

Things to do in Bristol

Fishes in an aquarium

Bristol Aquarium

The aquarium in Bristol’s Harbourside is a fantastic opportunity for your friends and family to explore the undersea safari. Bristol aquarium boasts an impressive collection of marine, tropical and freshwater creatures carefully brought together from around the globe into a natural habitat. Highlight of your visit to this underworld haven includes an astonishing recreation of a walk-in seahorse display, Bristol harbour scene, a sunken ship and a wooden footbridge above the open-top gigantic Coral Sea showcase where the unicorn fish and tropical sharks live. Other attractions include recreations of Amazon rainforest pools, a fishing village in South America and huge rock pools.

Address:Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT, UK

Call:+44 117 929 8929


Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Noah’s ark is home to a wide range of animals including tigers, bears, giraffes, African elephants, a white rhino, the newly added tortoise terrain and a luxury home for 7 Aldabra huge tortoises who can each live up to 150 years and weigh 250kg. Get up close and personal with different animals at the zoo. Visitors who have the gut can watch the tigers eat their big animal lunch or you could explore a variety of play areas suitable for kids and adults, meet the brother bears, giraffe family and view the mighty elephants in the elephant Eden.

Address:Clevedon Rd, Wraxall BS48 1PG, UK

Call:+44 1275 852606


Adventurous Activity Company

Whether it’s abseiling or climbing the huge Avon Gorge, canoe rides at the Harbourside, mountain biking at Ashton Court, adventure racing or treasure hunting, Adventurous Activity Company offers bespoke packages, tailored to meet your interest, budget and time. Prepare for a fun competitive day with your crew spent solving problems, treasure hunting, orienteering or whatever you’re in the mood for. Come aboard the open Canadian styled canoes for a tour through central Bristol and remember to observe the enthralling view of the Avon Gorge. Explore the best locations designed for mountain bike rides all within close proximity to the heart of the city. From easy routes around Ashton Court to tougher trails, Adventure Activity Company creates the best itinerary of events for you.

Address:underfall Yard, Baltic Wharf, Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6XG, United Kingdom

Call:+44 1275 394558

Kids playing with sand


If you’re looking for a unique brand of fun night different from the conventional pubs and nightclub, give Thelka a try. This award-winningclub event space and live music venue holds on board a cargo ship in Bristol’s Floating Harbour. Thelka offers the best weekly live shows featuring the British and international touring artists from all genres of music like electronic, pop, indie and classic rock.


Call:+44 117 929 3301

SSW Tips:

Three friends having drinks

Bristol aquarium offers discount prices for online bookings, simply visit their site for more information. If you’re visiting Thelka by car, the council operates a car park in front of the venue accessible via The Grove, remember, if you’re driving, don’t drink!

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