Things To Do In Bath

Seek South West: Find Out Things You Can Do in Bath

Every tourist destination offers its own promises of activities visitors can engage in. It’s highly unlikely that you will run out of things to do if you choose Bath.
Are you a sightseeing enthusiast? Do you relish foreign cuisines? Do you want to shop in vibrant foreign markets? Or do you need a destination that boasts the facilities required for you to fully indulge your hobbies? Seek South West is here to show you that in Bath, there are more things to do than you can imagine.

Bath is known for its hot spring water that flows naturally. Here are the top 5 things to do while in Bath.

  1. Roman BathsRoman Bath

These Roman baths are known to have some of the most exciting attractions in the UK. With constant visits by tourists from around the world, you can take a tour to see the Roman temple or the Great bath. Better still, visit the famous Beau Street Hoard that was excavated in 2007 – beneath where the Gainsborough Hotel is currently located. The 17,577 Roman coins found is a sight to behold.

There’s also special fountain in bath that spurts out spa water enriched with minerals.

  1. The Pulteney Bridge

 There are only 5 of this kind of bridges in the world. Inside the Pulteney Bridge, you will find some relaxation spots to help you unwind while you view the river flowing underneath. From shops and cafes to restaurants, this location is a real rarity.

  1. Museum of History

You can walk into the numerous museums in bath, and learn a lot about the history of this ancient but prestigious town.

Fans of stamps and letters can see how posts were sent in the past by visiting the Bath Postal Museum. Though it’s independent and small, but it still contains enough details to educate yourself with.

The Fashion museum is a must see for those who fantasize about wearing Victorian outfits. With more than 80,000 footwears and pieces of clothing, this large museum will keep you engaged all day long. Not forgetting that you also gain entry into the Assembly Rooms with your museum ticket. During the Georgian times, you could play cards, drink tea, dance and be seen in this center of entertainment.

There’s the American museum – for those interested in American art and folk. This is probably the only museum of its kind that can be found outside the US.

If you want to stand at the garden where the planet Uranus was first sighted – by William Herschel – then you need to visit the Herschel Museum of Astronomy. From this location you can even look farther into space.

Step into the Museum of Bath Architectures and have a view of a model of bath. You can also take a brief tour inside the Countess of Huntingdon’s chapel – which is designed with classical art and houses the model. This museum is only open for 9 months every year – closes from December to January. Take note of the period when planning your next visit.

  1. Theater Shows

If you are a fan of theatre, you can check out the Egg. It’s one that holds shows for the younger audience. You can also eat meals before and after a show at the Garrick’s Head (it’s local pub) or the Vaults restaurant downstairs.

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The Theatre Royal also holds good performances. With over 100 West End plays, this award winning spectacle may not look magnificent from the outside till you step inside. It used to also be a Catholic chapel and a Masonic lodge.

  1. Relaxing in the City

If you want a lovely meal with some tea or local beer, you could check out the Bath Priory Hotel. They provide some of the best British food. The Olive Tree restaurant – under the Queensberry hotel – also has this on its menu.

The Marlborough Tavern (found on the Royal Crescent) has a large beer garden where you can relax in the evening.

At Seek South West, we advice that you take a coat and a pair of nice walking shoes when going. You can get to Bath from London in about an hour via train or 3 hours via road.

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