Plan Your Visit To Devon


A holiday trip is a great way to de-stress. Seek South West can help you turn your holiday trip to Devon into a beautiful, unforgettable, and stress-free one. We can help with hotel, flight, restaurant, and tour bookings. We can also help with your transportation arrangements within Devon. We can assist you, whether you need information on what to include in your packing or need help mapping out a timetable of fun things to do and amazing places to visit.

Plan your visit in Devon

Devon Beaches

For those who enjoy the music of silence and want to just kick back and relax, the beaches in Devon is a perfect place to visit for a start. Watching the sunset as the ocean breeze kisses your skin tenderly than the sun does, you would love it at the beaches. Buy a swimswear, sunglasses, and flip-flops for ease of movement around the beaches by the country side.

Dartmoor Zoo

Apart from seeing all kinds of wild animals in the zoo, you can also be one of the Big cat keepers at the zoo for a day. Gaining experience in what it means to take care of Tigers won’t that be a wonderful experience or you scared?

Visit the Smeaton’s tower

You can visit the Smeaton’s Tower and enjoy the wonderful and gorgeous view. Don’t worry you just have 93 steps to climb to the Top of Smeaton’s Tower, so it’s not like walking the Great Wall of China. The mood when you get to the top is very exciting, the intoxicating air from the sea would have you feeling fresh as the oceans water itself.

Killerton House

While planning your visit to Devon, be ready to also visit the Killerton House and Gardens. You can visit the astounding landscape with a beautiful garden which is surrounded by Parkland and the Killerton House with steps dating back to the 18th century. The house itself is renowned for the level of fashionable historical collection within its walls. You won’t want to miss the amazing experience here.


Catch the wave if you love to surf at the North Devon Surf Coast. There are beautiful beaches in Devon, you could try surfing if you can feel and handle the wave. There are surf schools to get you ready and in the mood to surf while you visit Devon. Sauton Sands, Westward Ho! Woolacombe, rated one of the United Kingdom’s top beaches.

Mayflower Steps and Museum

Plan a visit to the Mayflower steps and Museum and stand on your feet at the Mayflower steps. The significance of area is its service as the exact location in which the pilgrim Fathers embarked on their journey in 1620.

Take advantage of the winds and go to the theatre, go out and visit craft workshops. Apart from Killerton gardens, go to other historic houses and castles, you could wonder around and paint some pottery or visit the fishes at the aquarium, enjoy a dinner out and going shopping is always fun.




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