Markets In Wiltshire

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A tourist destination is worth spending holidays in when among its wonders are local markets where tourists can go on a shopping spree or pluck souvenirs they can take home. Fortunately, you will find that Wiltshire features markets that are diverse and will make your holidays there worth your while. Wiltshire host markets whose diversity will turn your holidays there into a trip filled with beautiful adventurous memories.
Seek South West can offer your guidance, whether you are looking to collect wears and craftworks unique to Wiltshire culture or want to source the raw ingredients only present in its cuisine.

Markets in Wiltshire

For food lovers visiting Wiltshire, here are 5 of the most popular outdoor markets in the community.

Malmesbury Artisan and Farmers’ Market

This market replaced the old popular Farmers’ market in 2015. The traders now focus more selling fresh and organically produced foods amongst other locally made artisan products.

This new venture is held at the famous Market Cross in Malmesbury – every Friday between 9am and 3pm.

Calne Farmers’ Market

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This is a must visit for those who enjoy locally grown foods. It’s also called the Farmers’ market and Monthly Craft Market. This is because it takes place once a month – at the New Market Place.

Every second Saturday of the month, visitors can come and purchase a wide variety of home made crafts on display or foods gotten directly from the local farmers.

Calne also has a general market -with stalls that sell local vegetables, fruits and so much more.

Fruits and vegetables in a farmers' market

Devizes Farmers’ Market

This local farmers market offers a wide range of home grown fruits and vegetables. You can also find stalls selling chilli sauce, honey, cheese and even smoked fish. If you seek for a new culinary experience, there are many local sellers who are willing to suggest recipes and even tell you how to store foods properly.

It’s also a monthly market that holds on the first Saturday of every month.

Poultry Cross Farmers’ Market

This weekly market is located on an ancient market square in Salisbury. You can buy a wide variety of locally grown vegetables and meat. There are also freshly made pies and baked foods, sold to visitors at affordable prices.

This Farmers’ market situated at Poultry Cross opens from 9am till 2pm every Wednesday. You won’t be disappointed after paying a visit.

Sutton Benger Farmers’ Market

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This rising market boasts of fresh handpicked and locally made food products. From free range chickens and eggs to organic vegetables, pies and home baked cakes, you can pretty much buy most essential food items from a range of stalls that display them. If you love ciders, you can as well try out the locally produced variety.

It’s situated beside the Bell House Hotel, and plays host to other businesses like a post office and a cafe.

Located just outside Chippenham, the Sutton Benger Farmers’ market offers a friendly atmosphere for buyers, traders, visitors and the locals. The market takes place from 9am to 1pm every second Saturday of the month.

Seek South West tip: Take note of the days when these markets take place, so you don’t miss out on quality food products when you need them.

You can visit the Devizes Farmers’ market social media timeline for more information about them. While visitors to the Poultry Cross market can visit Stonehenge – which is just 8 miles away.

For guidance on exploring the diverse markets in Wiltshire, contact our information centres in the region.