Maps & Guides In Dorset

A guide to great places around Dorset

Dorset has wonderful landscapes and dazzling spots, but many visitors find it difficult to find their way around. However, Seek South West is here for, providing you with the right guides you need to access the location.

  1. Visit the Tank Museum

 The tank museum revives history with its amazing collection of tanks and explosive public displays. Enjoy the sight of over 300 armoured vehicles at 7 powerful exhibitions. The story of the tank dates to 1915, and the “Battle Group” Afghanistan takes you to current front line. You will see the extent of England’s unique collection in “The Second World War Discovery Centre”. Visitors are also treated to the spectacle of the armoury, and how it was involved in the film “Fury”. Sometimes a bit of war history is all you need to get your art appetite flowing.

Address: The Tank Musuem, Bovington, Wareham 

BH20 6JG

Telephone: +44 1929 405096

Link for map guide to Tank Museum

  1. Dorset Waterpark

Sometimes, a bit of waterplay is great start to a weekend. If you are in Dorset, visit Dorset Waterpark; it is a wild, wet Woodland Waterpark located amidst the stunning backdrop of the Purbeck Countryside. The park offers a watery obstacle course with lifeguards. It is idea for any weather because, come rain or shine, you will get wet either way. Visitors have hurdles, bridges and similar barriers to overcome as they navigate their way around. Dorset Waterpark is designed for both children and adults, and it can be a great team-building venue.

Address: Dorset Waterpark, Studland Road. Atfeet Mill Lakes, Corfe Castle

BH20 5JG

Telephone: +44 1929 505030

Link for map guide to Dorset Waterpark

  1. Monkey World

As the name suggests, this is a favourite among ape watchers and nature lovers. The wildlife reserve hosts several animals in their natural habitat. From monkeys to chimps, orangutans, lemurs and gibbons, you get a good opportunity to see each animal up close and personal. Give your young ones a brilliant day out this weekend by taking them to Monkey World. Monkey world has over 250 primates within its premises. This ape sanctuary house abandoned or lost monkeys, while doubling as a zoo.

Address: Longhorns, Wareham

BH20 6HH

Telephone: +44 800 456600

Link to map of Monkey world

  1. Athelhampton House and Gardens

Athelhampton House has a lovely garden with a history that goes back to 1891. The garden boasts of several wow factors, including the stunning pyramid yews. The 3 fountains provide a beautiful vista along the walkway of 3 garden rooms. The walk along the rivers provides a relaxing feeling, especially in sunny weather when it is totally serene. The beautiful Tudor house also serves an amazing afternoon tea. The 12 massive topiary pyramids stand 30ft high and add an exotic feel to the ambience.

Address: Athelhampton, Dorchester


Telephone: +44 1305 848363

Link to map of Athelhampton House and Gardens

The building is along Athelhampton Road, opposite Sommerville Bed and Breakfast.

Seek South West Top Tips

  1. Take a good DLSR camera with you to Athelhampton House and Garden because the sights are nothing short of amazing.
  2. Book a reservation first before you go to Dorset Waterparks; can work for both class and office team building activities.
  3. Don’t forget to take an extra towel along with you to Dorset Waterpark just in case.

Are you finding it difficult locating your favorite spot in Dorset? Get in touch with Seek South West for assistance.