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Seek South West: History & Heritage in Bath

Are you an ardent lover of histories and heritages? When looking for spectacular historic and heritage grounds to explore in the south west, Bath is the destination to visit. And Seek South West can help you with touring them. It will be like travelling back in time to watch the moulding of Bath into the attraction it is today.

The only destination in the UK to be wholly designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO is Bath and very few other modern cities in the world can lay claim to such a title.

An historical place beside a river

Top view of Bath

Asides from being a World Heritage site, Bath possesses a rich and extensive history. The earliest human activity in the area has been traced back to as far as 8,00BC. It’s for this reason and more, such as its world famous Roman Baths and architectural masterpieces that Bath was designated a cultural site’ with outstanding universal value and cultural significance in 1987 by UNESCO.

The Roman Bath

Some of Bath’s historically significant buildings include The Circus, The Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey, and Pulteney Bridge. It was sometime between 1767 and 1775 that the Royal Crescent was built by John Wood the Younger. The Circus on the other hand was built by John Wood the Elder and it is regarded as an outstanding accomplishment in the field of architectural design – it’s actually one of the factors that led to Bath being designated a World Heritage Site.

Royal Crescent

Pulteney Bridge was designed by Robert Adams, and it and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence are the only existing historic bridges that have shops built into them.

Bath Abbey’s development began in 1499, and it currently stands as one of the last of England’s great medieval churches. Over the course of history, three different churches have occupied Bath Abbey – the Anglo-Saxon Abbey Church after 757, around the year 1090 a significantly large Norman cathedral stood there, and now the present Abbey church is the current occupant.

Asides from being a heritage site in itself, Bath is surrounded by other notable heritage locations such as the mysterious Stonehenge as well as the Avebury Stone Circle.

Other historical sites of noteworthy heritage that you should look forward to visiting in Bath include;

SSW tips concerning visiting Bath History and Heritage sites

Because of Bath’s worldwide fame, the city can get busy during peak tourist seasons and on weekends. You can avoid most traffic by choosing to use Bath’s less plied roads. Getting a map before your trip and using it to plan alternative routes is a great idea, as well as properly servicing your vehicle before commencing your trip.

Whether you want to visit historic monuments in Bath with a guide recounting great tales about their making or explore natural wonders that have captured the heart of the world, we can take you there. Reach out to us at Seek South West today to begin exploring Bath’s history and heritage.