Food & Drink In Dorset

Seek South West: Get Help with Discovering Moreish Food and Drinks in Dorset

When looking for a tourist destination that boasts your desired level of hospitality and exoticness, don’t just consider accommodation and sightseeing alone-also consider the art in, as well as the diversity and uniqueness of, its food and drinks. In Dorset, you will have a wide range of food and drinks to choose from. What types of food and drinks do you relish-exotic teas, traditional Dorset dishes, cocktails, or wine tasting? Seek South West can help you discover all the stylish bars, cosy cafes, classic restaurants, and local pubs in Dorset. We can also assist you with making dining reservations ahead of time.

Dorset boasts of beautiful, mouthwatering cuisine and tasty wines which bring satisfaction to the soul, if you are visiting anytime soon then you should try out some of these.


Dorset apple cake

This sweet cake, usually eaten with a dollop of clotted cream is made with several spices including cinnamon. It is served in almost every tearoom in the county, especially after winning the National Dish of the year award in 2006. The cake is as satisfying as it is nourishing and tasty, a must eat for every visitor to Dorset.

Portland lamb

A favorite of King George III, the meat gotten from the Portland sheep is quite tasty. The Portland sheep were once marked as endangered and were the scarcest among sheep in Britain, however with the efforts of dedicated breeders, the breed recovered. They are known to produce only one offspring at a time and this has affected their propagation. The propagation challenge is, however, a blessing in disguise as it is believed that the special flavor of the meat is a result of the sheep taking a long time to mature and the length of time the meat is hung for. The meat needs fine butchering to be truly enjoyed.

Dorset Jugged Steak

Jugging is a process which involves slowly cooking meat to ensure it retains its natural flavor while mixing with the flavors of other ingredients. This traditional meal traces its history back to the times when the fair came to town. The meat goes through several processes like grinding, pureeing, sieving, etc. to make it savory. It could be used in making several other meals like sausages, quenelles, galantines, and more. A major guideline in preparing this dish is it must not be cooked for long.


Dorset Knobs

This meal is made from bread dough containing extra butter and sugar, the dough is rolled and shaped manually before being baked three times. Due to their hard nature, they are eaten with cheese after being soaked in tea. Presently, the only commercial producer of Dorset knobs is Moores Biscuits and they have been into production before 1860. A special competition is held on the first Sunday of May yearly known as the Dorset Knob Throwing Competition and the delicacy can be bought from any store or food place around the county.

Dorset drinks

Dorset is home to several local vineyards such as the English Oak Vineyard, Melbury Vale Winery, Portesham Vineyard, and much more. These vineyards produce several different sparkling tasty wines from classic grape varieties. They also brew local ales, ciders, and gins.


Seek South West Tips

 Dorset is seemingly a foodies’ haven as there is a plethora of homemade dishes available in almost any restaurant, pub and inn and the food is very much affordable. Enjoy food tastings, cookery workshops and more at Dorset Food Fortnight from October to November. You will love the food and wine pairing events on selected days during autumn.

Reach out to Seek South West to begin exploring tasty food and exotic drinks in Dorset.