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The hospitality and exoticness of a tourist destination is not only measured by its accommodations and spectacles, but also by the diversity, art, and unique flavours in their food and drinks. When Devon is that location, you can expect assorted varieties of food and drinks. Are you a cocktail person, or do you love local Devon food, exotic teas, and wine tasting? Discover all the cosy cafes, local pubs, stylish bars, and classic restaurants in Devon with the help of Seek South West. If you want to make your dining reservations ahead of time, we can also help.

If you love local food and drink, then you have to visit Devon as the city offers a variety of local cuisines and tasty wines.

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Ever since their origin, they have been made with cream at the bottom and jam on top. The cream tea originated from Tavistock Bay in Devon, there is a tradition of eating bread with cream and jam which began in the 11th century. A trip to Devon without having a taste of the tea is considered incomplete and there is only one way to eat it in Devon, put in the cream first.


The crab from the British Seafood Coast is definitely among the best in the world. The crab is served in all of Devon city’s restaurants, a meal that cannot be beaten. This crab meal is so loved in Devon that it has a whole festival, the annual crab festival in Dartmouth, dedicated to it. During the festival celebrating this special seafood, other tasty local foods and wines are showcased amidst great local music and dance.

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As a result of warm climate, the locale has become increasingly popular for its high-quality ales and wines. A visit to any Devon vineyard enables the guest to enjoy a variety of excellent rose wines, white wines, red wines and sparkling wines while enjoying fine dining in the sun. This county has a number of local breweries which produce home-made ales, ciders and lager; everyone knows nothing can be compared to the satisfaction from a glass of locally made Devon cider. In recent times, distilleries have begun popping up in Devon as gins and whiskey are a number of the locally made spirits currently distilled in Devon.


Every visitor to Devon should endeavor to visit any of the farmhouse shops and attractions around Devon; you are even allowed to have a taste of some of the preferred produce before making a purchase. A whole lot from ice cream, chillis, chocolates, fudge and cheese are produced in Devon and there is more than enough to go round. Guests will always have enough to eat and take home for friends and family.

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In Devon, whether you visit a dining restaurant, a county pub, a local café by the beach, there is something for everyone, even dogs. You can also visit the different farm markets to get cheap local foodstuff and enjoy the different food festivals organized multiple times all through the year.

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