Food & Drink In Cornwall

Seek South West: Get Help with Discovering Moreish Food and Drinks in Cornwall

When looking for a tourist destination that boasts your desired level of hospitality and exoticness, don’t just consider accommodation and sightseeing alone-also consider the art in, as well as the diversity and uniqueness of, its food and drinks. With Cornwall as that destination, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drinks. What types of food and drinks do you relish-exotic teas, traditional Cornwall dishes, cocktails, or wine tasting? With our help at Seek South West, you will find great local pubs, classic restaurants, stylish bars, and cosy cafes in Cornwall. We are here to serve you if you need help booking your dining reservations ahead of time.

There are a variety of Cornish foods which are prepared in different ways and which means something different to different people. This article will give us a list of these different Cornish meals and drinks.

A cup of tea and a glass of iced tea

Cream tea

The Cream tea is a really popular meal in Cornwall. It is believed by some to have originated in Devon because it looks the same as the devon meal. Its preparation is really easy; you simply slice a fresh scone in half, spread a good quantity of strawberry jam and clotted cream. It is served with a delicious pot of tea. Its preparation is the reverse of Devon.

Cornish Yarg                                       

Cornish Yarg is the most popular cheese among the many varieties that are prepared in Cornwall. Its recipe is known to date back to the 12th– 13th century but was later lost. It is said to have been found by Allan and Jenny Gray, a Cornish couple in the 1960s. Its unique feature is the nettle leaves the cheese is covered in which makes up an edible rind. Presently, Cornish Yarg is been exported throughout the world.

Cornish Pastry

These simple snacks over the years have gained its popularity by now accounting for over 5%of the Cornish economy. It contains diced beef, onion, potato, turnip and crimped crust on either side. This pastry is now known to occupy space in every snacks cabinet in the UK. The Cornish Pastry now comes in different varieties all over the country.

A delicious meal

Rum and Shrub

This is a popular drink in Cornwall which is known to be made from black rum and a drink called shrub. Shrub is produced by mixing fruit juice of any kind and a good quantity of sugar to a base spirit. Shrub in past was known to cure scurvy which affected most children. Rum and Shrub are now known to be produced by Phillips of Bristol.


This is another known Cornish drink which is produced from cider and rum. Samson is made by mixing a pint of cider and a half pint of rum which are boiled for about one hour. When cooled, it is bottled and served with honey to improve its taste. It is served in many traditional bars all over Cornwall.

A sumptuous looking plate of snacks


This is a simple traditional drink that records all the way back to the 17th century. It was more popular in North Cornwall. The Shany-Gaff is prepared by mixing half of dark beer and half of ginger beer. It is a really tasty drink that is preferably served cold.

Seek South West Tips

You can enjoy these traditional drinks at any of the pubs and inns in Cornwall. Try the Cornish Pastry with a few drinks for a holiday party that will leave you with a taste of Cornwall.  Have a designated driver or use a taxi whenever you decide to enjoy these traditional drinks. Scones and clotted cream are a great choice to go with the cream tea.

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