Festivals In Wiltshire

Seek South West: Festivals in Wiltshire

Do you crave great festivals and parades in interesting places and to immerse yourself in the usual atmosphere of sociocultural harmony they create? In Wiltshire, you will discover a diverse range of enchanting festivals spread all through the year.
To get the dates of the various festivals as well as what they are all about, simply give Seek South West a call.Take not that tourism in Wiltshire usually experiences a spike during festive times, and that’s why we recommended that you make arrangements for your trip (including your hotel, transportation, and restaurant bookings) early.

Festivals in Wiltshire

The Top Festivals to attend in Wiltshire

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There is plenty of choice on offer for you in Wiltshire if you’re a big lover of festivals. A time to soak up their culture and enjoy timeless pleasures. Read on to discover more.

Devizes Fest, Wilts, 27-28 August

Be a part of this 3-in-1 festival that’s a mix between a carnival, a food feast and a music festival. It also includes a parade, a picnic in the park and confetti battle. Here you have the best of street performing, dancing, musicians and walkabout shows across the UK and Europe, contemporary circus acts, and more.

Location: Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts (DOCA), Winkworth House, Market Place, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1HT

Phone no: 07500 786541

Music Festivals

For lovers of music of all kinds, Wiltshire holds a number of music festivals just for you.

Classical and choral music festivals include – The Edington Festival of Music which will feature The Great British Proms (6th August), the National Symphony Orchestra, and award winning soprano singer Philippa Healey.

Folk music festivals includeThe Chippenham Folk Festival (26th–29th May) which will feature folk music performances, workshops and street parades led by artists such as the Exmouth Shanty Men and Cloudstreet. The Marlborough International Jazz Festival (14th -16thJuly) featuring local artists such as Wiltshire Blues Sessions and well known artiste Clare Teal.

WOMAD Festival (World of Music, Arts and Dance 26th-29th July, 2018) the most internationally known music festival which offers music from around the world, interactive workshops, poetry readings, art installations, and fairground rides.

Location: Malmesbury | Charlton Park, SN16 9DG, England

Phone no:

Others include the Fieldview Festival (3rd-6th August) which offers a mixture of delicious local foods, music, interactive workshops and games, perfect for the entire family.

History Festivals

Enjoy listening to famous historians and broadcasters talkwhile watching fun and educative air shows and re-enactments, and taking part in debates and discussions.The Chalke Valley History Festival, the Swindon Railway Festival at STEAM Museum (September) and The Salisbury Museum’s annual Festival of Archaeology (usually in July) are some of the more amazing historic festivals in Wiltshire.

Magic and Mayhem Festival(7th-12th November) for lovers of magic. It offers visual art,cabaret, comedy and talks, films, theatre and music, not excluding magic shows and tricks.

Location: Pound Pill, Corsham, Wilts, SN13 9HX

Phone no: 01249 701628

Swindon German Beerfest 2017(23rd September) creates an atmosphere for German music,cosplay, real German ale, and all the works.

Location: MECA, Regents Cirucs, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 1QG

Phone no: 07979524149

Malmesbury Carnival & Festival(5th Aug-3rd Sept 2018)

Location: various locations in Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Seek South West Top Tips

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  • Bring all the family along, toddlers and teenagers, there’s something for everyone.
  • Choose where you camp very carefully. You don’t want to be woken by crying babies, noisy teenagers, or the smell of the loo.
  • As much as driving is more convenient, it is advisable to move around with public transport, to avoid spending hours stuck in traffic.

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