Farmers Markets In Bath


Farmers’ markets play an important role in protecting the environment, as all food is produced by local farmers around the market. It might also interest you to know that the sellers are the producers or originators of all the items they sell.

Bath Farmer’s Market

A farmer's market graphic design

Bath Farmer’s Market was established in 1997 as the first farmers market in the United Kingdom in order to sell locally produced goods to local people. The farmer’s market encourages the local production, consumption, and sales of local food within 40 miles radius of Bath. So, if you want to find the freshest food sold at the cheapest prices, or you need new recipes for a change, you are sure to find at Bath farmer’s market.

Market Produce

The range of food produce sold at the farmer’s market are fresh, quality, and affordable. To buy locally produced foods by the makers, you are sure to find amazing range of food produced within 40 miles radius of Bath.

The range of food sold in the market include organic and non-organic vegetables, all kinds of meat including beef, pork, lamb, venison, chicken, and game.  You will also find varying prices and sizes of fish, strawberries, sweet pastries, asparagus, and mushrooms. If you need cakes for any event such as birthday, wedding or anniversary, you are sure to find different design and flavour of cake. Other food sold in the market include marmalades, oils, meat pies, pork pies, sauces, teas, roasted coffees, honey, chutneys, handmade chocolates, mayonnaise, and vegetarian food.

Vegetables in a farmer's market

Why you should come to Bath Farmer’s Market

Bath Farmer’s market is known for its vibrant atmosphere, personal service, and social life that makes the market a true farmer’s market. You will get to see and meet different people from different walks of life dealing in fresh food items, and producing different recipes. So, if you love fresh food and savvy taste, you will get different collections and combination here.

Opening Time

The market is open every Saturday by 9:00am until 1.30pm at Green Park Station in Bath. It thusmeans every Saturday is a good day to get the food supply for the new week.

However, during winter, i.e. from April until November, the market opens at Bath Freight Shed, 27, Commercial Street, Bath, Maine on Saturdays from 9:00am until 12:00pm. From May to October, the market operates an outdoor market from 8:30am until 12:00pm at Waterfront Park, Commercial Street, Bath, Maine.

Keen foodies should look forward to October when the Great Bath Feast is celebrated. It is a good time to celebrate and share food and drinks.

Crops and Vegetables in a Farmer's market

So, for convenient and affordable shopping for fresh locally produced food, the Bath farmer’s market is the right place to be every Saturday.

To get some of that Bath taste of home, you’ve got to make a stop at the farmers’ market. Don’t just buy fresh food to cook later, enjoy a sumptuous snack or two. Ask a farmer for a traditional recipe.