Farm Stay In Devon


Are you looking for a family holiday break in quiet rural ambience with a gorgeous accommodation and a scenic view in Devon? SeekSouthWest can help you find the idyllic farm stay in Devon so you and your family can experience the rich farming heritage of Devon. We have a wide selection of charming farm holiday homes with lovely natural sceneries, beautiful cottages and B&B’s, and lots of gently farm animals and fresh farm produce. The properties on the farm homes are fitted with great facilities including swimming pools, games rooms and adventure playgrounds so the excitement never stops for you and your family.

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Devon Farm Stay 

Calves in a farm

Devon Farms Stays offers some of the most charming ways to enjoy the abundant gifts of nature in the county.

Upton Farm Bed & Breakfast

Located in stunning Devon countryside, the Upton Farmhouse is a traditional Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast that dates back to the 15th Century. This historic thatched B&B sits on a working organic dairy farm and offers great accommodation in calm and serene environment. It is your ideal Devon farmhouse holiday home where you can enjoy the beauty and pleasures of culture and tradition such as local Devon breakfast in an amazing farmhouse kitchen.

North Devon Farm Holidays

A mother and daughter in a farm

The North Devon Farms Holiday is a cluster of quality graded holiday cottages in the striking North Devon area. You are bound to get your fill of rustic pleasure and adventure at North Devon Self Catering Farms, whether you prefer a cottage close to the shore or a set in the heat of the countryside.

Pickwell Barton Cottages

A pair of tastefully finished holiday farm stays, Pickwell Barton Cottages are built in the most striking location on the coast of North Devon. What’s more, it’s only a walking distance from the UK’s most popular beach, Woolacombe Beach.

If you’re looking for a farm stay that is modern, spacious and furnished to the best standards, then Pickwell Barton Cottages are a good pick for you. Each cottage has 3 bedrooms and sleep 6, large gardens enclosed in.

Knowle Farm

A couple with a horse on a farm

Knowle Farm is located on an expansive 44 acres of stunning countryside and presents an idyllic farm stay with its own woodland and riverside walks where you can enjoy natural views and unwind.  It also has its own custom-built child-safe play area which is popular with kids along with the donkeys, rabbits, pigs and other animals. Unhook the cottage doors and ducks and chickens will be cackling and crowing gentle for you to feed them.

This beautiful farm stay is equipped with other fantastic facilities such as an outdoor play, an indoor heated pool, a pool table and tennis court, and a table tennis table; plus the new addition of a walk-in rabbit area near the toddler ‘Race Track’.

There are lots of fantastic rural pleasures to enjoy and history to relive at any of the remarkable farm stays with picturesque sceneries. Facilities and other natural features to enjoy vary depending on the price and location. But you may as well benefit from some good discounts and loyalty programmes if you qualify. It’s always a good idea to make your enquires early.