The Complete Insider’s Guide to Cornwall

If you’re planning on moving or going on a holiday in Cornwall, we can help you settle in nicely with this 100-page guide that goes for just £9.99. The hard copy can be posted to you for an extra £2.99.

This natural environment is perfect for lovers of water sports. With a range of beaches, surrounded by rocks and cliffs, Cornwall is a great destination for you to holiday in. There are some really warm months from spring to autumn when you can not sun bath. Our complete guide will help you get the right months and weather while you plan your visit to this amazing city.


From the headlands to the coastal paths, this south west city boasts some of the most glamorous rock formations for relaxation and taking perfect selfies. There are parks, caravan and campsites where you and your family can go to relax and have fun. Check out some of those that provide great offers in this guide to Cornwall and plan wisely.

Cornwall is a dog friendly county. Most accommodation providers allow pets to be brought in – as long as they don’t cause a problem. There are parks and restaurants that also allow pets to accompany visitors while they eat or tour. But then it’s also wise not to leave your cat or dog unattended to. This is because they may suffer from heat exhaustion or launch at a passerby. But then, you can get more information about pet friendly attractions and even the dog ban on some beaches around Easter – when you order this complete guide to Cornwall.

Parking and Eating

Whether you’re renting a vehicle or coming to Cornwall with your own car, you need to have knowledge of where (not) to park. In as much as it helps reduce crime of break-in and theft, you wouldn’t want to your vehicle to be towed. There are also tips on how to park and move around the city – in this essential 100 page guide.

When you want to eat, there a range of top notch restaurants and cafes that can provide the perfect delicacies for you. Hotels, bars and festival grounds also play host to some tantalising menu for tourists and the locals to enjoy. For just £9.99 you can acquire the basic knowledge of what you want to do in Cornwall through the guide.


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