Exhibitions In Cornwall

Seek South West: Find Exhibitions in Cornwall

In Cornwall, you will find a good number of museums and art galleries that host creative exhibitions yearly, thus adding to the destination’s tourist appeal.
In fact, Cornwall exhibitions will illuminate your holidays with awe, as it features artworks by famous traditional and contemporary artists as well as relics dating thousands of years into history.
You can explore all facets of arts in the exhibitions, including handcrafts, photography, literature, sculpting, and painting.

If you would like to learn about the schedules and venues of Cornwall exhibitions, reach out to our staff at any Seek South West information centre in Cornwall.



A sculpture of a man on a horse

Usually held from the 16th of June to the 28th of June, this exhibition of beautiful artistry is hosted at the Redwing Gallery. It showcases the latest works of local visual artists who make life paintings. The exhibition draws several artists of renowned ability and experience, some of them spanning up to six decades. The exhibition features a variety of works of different sizes and media and attracts students of life artistry from all over the world. It is mostly held simultaneously Penzance Golowan festival, a celebration of music and dance in Devon.


This is an exhibition of James Lee’s works held from 11th July to 23rd July at the Circa 21 Gallery, 21 Market Jew Street, Penzance. The exhibition attracts art enthusiasts from around the globe and it shows recent James Lee artworks. This exhibition explores the different complex emotions experienced during periods of change or transition. The Crossing Boundaries exhibition can also be viewed online on this website, www.norbuartstudio.co.uk. Artworks range from £20 – £2,000.

Painting of a flower


Organized by the fifteen members of the Lizard Art Cooperative, this exhibition spans over a long period of time, from 29th March to 29th October. The exhibition showcases the newest works across several styles and media, the exhibition attracts audiences from several parts of the country and beyond. Held at the Stable Yard Gallery, Trelowarren near Helston, the doors of the gallery open daily by 11 am and close at 4 pm, during the long stretch of this event, people never get bored as new works keep getting added to the exhibition as they are finished. You can visit this website, visit www.lizardart.co.uk, for more details.


The idea of this fair was born out of the realization of plethora of quality artistic talent in Cornwall and a desire to give them the opportunity to showcase their talent at a central location enabling them to create new networks and also sells their works for profit. Beautiful pieces of work ranging from paintings to jewelry are showcased encouraging a dialogue of culture and inspiration among local and foreign artists and visitors. It holds from the 22nd of April to the 24th of April.

A Painting of a man painting


Artists in Cornwall are usually invited to submit their works for the exhibition which holds from the 5th of March to the 26th of March. In its fourth year now, the exhibition keeps getting stronger and better yearly, with more improved artworks being submitted, every year better than the previous.


Cornwall is a county likened to the art lover’s haven as all year round several exhibitions are held to showcase the quality of the local artists. As an art enthusiast, you should visit Cornwall for cheap artworks, especially between March and October, when most of the exhibitions are held. You can register online to exhibit your artworks at some of these events.