Exhibitions In Bath

Seek South West: Bath Exhibitions

With a good number of museums and art galleries located in Bath, it’s only reasonable that the tourist destination also hosts many inspiring exhibitions yearly for the pleasures of tourists that love history, fine art, literature, and of course education in general.
Bath features artworks by famous traditional and contemporary artists alongside relics dating thousands of years into the past, and it will illuminate your trip with wonders.
The exhibitions cover all aspects of arts, including painting, handcraft, sculpting, photography, and even literature.

Exhibitions in Bath

A history of fashion in 100 objects

This exhibition celebrates fashion from the 1500s to the 21st century with an objective of showing100 star objects collected from the Fashion Museum. The exhibition will run until January 1st, 2019 with fashion accessories and garments that created history in the fashion world on display. The exhibition will take place at Fashion Museum, Assembly Rooms, Bennet Street, Bath, BA1 2QH.

History of fashion

Lace in Fashion

Lace has been used since the 16th century as fashion clothing to depict style and elegance. There are various styles and designs including the luxurious royalty laces, aristocratic lace, and everyday lace made by machines. At this exhibition, you will see more than forty designer laces dating back to 1500s. The collection of laces include the popular 1660s Silver Tissue dress trimmed with parchment lace and elegant evening lace gowns. An adult will pay at least £9 to enjoy the exhibition at Fashion Museum, Assembly Rooms, Bennet Street, Bath, BA1 2QH.

A lady donning a beautiful dress

1920s Jazz Age: Fashion and Photographs

This is an exhibition to showcase how America created a cultural shockwave in Fashion. The collection of more than 100 fashion objects include capes, flapper dresses, and couture. While at the exhibition you can learn to dance the Charleston. Learn about this cultural shockwave at the American Museum in Britain, Claverton Manor, Claverton, Bath.

The Transformed Land

This is an exhibition detailing the works of artists who have depicted places which they have visited, reside in or imaginatively create. You can join the journey of an artist who has created out of his orher psychology amazing places which is now on display in CircleBathhospital, Foxcote Avenue, Peasedown St John, Bath. Admission is free, but you are expected to donate to charity a meagre sum between £2 and £10. The artworks are also for sale, so you can pick up one or two to contribute to the hospitals good work.

A view of the crescent

This is an exhibition to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Crescent, Bath’s Landmark building. The exhibition showcases the part the buildinghas played in the history of Bath. You will see interesting architectural design, beautiful landscaping, and the inspiration for many artists, filmmakers and writers. Join the exhibition at No. 1 Royal Crescent, Bath for £10 adult ticket, while children only pay £4.

Beautiful view of the Royal Crescent

Here be dragons

Dragons have been a regular part of literature, film, and arts, as they are depicted as flying serpents with magical fire breathing power and as guardians of treasures. A loved creature but never to be cuddled or offended, the exhibition showcases the United kingdom’s best illustrated artwork of dragons both in two and three dimensions. While at Victoria Art Gallery, Bridge Street, Bath, Avon, be sure to pick up artworks as they are for sale.  Images of dragons spewing fire

Visit or call one of Seek South West’s information centres in Bath to discover the schedules and venues for various exhibitions happening in Bath.