Cycling In Devon

One of the best ways to discover Devon and enjoy her scenery is through cycling, here are a few cycling routes to visit when in Devon.

A cycling road

Tarka Trail

This is probably the farthest incessant walking and cycling routes free from vehicular traffic which runs from Brauton to Meeth. It is regarded as the best and safest cycling path for a family to pass through because the terrain is not too challenging to ride on and there is also a lot to see on the way. The route features waterway mud flats, salt marshes, several wildlife habitats, oak woodland, hazel wood and pastures. The ride is not at any point boring, especially for those who enjoy soaking in the beauty of nature.

Dartmoor Way Cycling Route

Dartmoor way is a recent ninety-five mile long cycling path which circles around Dartmoor. The cycling path gives the riders a privilege to enjoy the outstanding array of astonishing views and striking sceneries Devon has to offer. This route, however, is not for an inexperienced rider as it is a bit challenging to take on.

A map with a cycling route

Tiverton to Bampton Cycling Route

Right in the heart of Mid Devon, this eight-mile cycling path takes one from the busy city of Tiverton to the scenic town of Bampton. The ride promises to be fun all the way as the rider enjoys the view of the astonishingly victorian Knightshayes countryside estate on the way. Taking this ride is sure worth it.

The Granite Way Cycling Route

This eleven-mile cycling route which passes through countryside Devon, cutting through Okehampton and Lydford is truly spectacular. One of the reasons for this is that it is mostly traffic free. The riders are also serenaded with the sights of Dartmoor and its fantastic countryside, as well as the Lydford Norman castle which is of English legacy and the Lydford Gorge which is a National Trust. This route is truly phenomenal; the rider can hardly get bored as the route is a marriage of beautiful countryside and striking historical buildings.

A group of cyclists

Devon Coast to Coast Cycling Route

This route is a ninety-nine-mile expedition starting at Ilfracombe and reaching Plymouth. It takes the rider past the seaside and waterways of Northern Devon as well as the thriving green vale of the Tavy, the Torridge and other reminiscent rivers of West County.


People seeking to visit Devon to enjoy the beautiful scenery and historical buildings should definitely consider the Devon cycling routes as they offer a plethora of scintillating views of the countryside, surrounding communities and major historical buildings and artifacts. This is one way to enjoy Devon without spending so much cash, but it is most advisable to cycle during the summer.