Cycling In Bristol

Top Cycling Routes in Bristol

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Blaise Castle Loop

This is an amazing route for cycling through the beautiful Blaise Castle Estate. It takes about two to two and the half hour from Severn Beach line to the beautiful Lawrence Weston Greenway. You could see the Sea mills station, Stratford mill, Weston city farm, Horseshoe bend and a lot of interesting places along this route. It is just a nice route to explore the surrounding area.

The River Avon Trail

This is one of the best routes that lead you straight into the county. You get to see beautiful places like the Queen square, the Temple quay development, the Netham Park that once housed the Netham chemical works, Troopers hill that has a great view at sunrise, the Conham river park where you could get a ferry to go visit Beese’s tea garden which is at the other end of the country side. At this route you could also see the Avon valley wood land and some pubs where you could stop and take a rest.

A map containing a cycling route

Ashton Court Loop

This is another wonderful route in Bristol where you get to cycle over the famous Cliffon suspension bridge and get to see the country park at the center of the city. At this route you will get to see the Queen square, the Chocolate path that resembles a huge chocolate bar, the Ashton avenue swing bridge and also the great western Dockyard. This route has a great view of ancient Bristol.

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Frome Greenway Loop

The Greenway loop route is one of the cycling routes that lead out of the city from the River Frome. It provides a great view of the city and you get to cycle past areas like the Castle park where the main Bristol shopping area was situated before the war, Eastville park which is an ornamental lake, the Stoke park, Hermitage wood which is a wooden area, St. Werburghs city farm and a lot of other areas. Cycling from the River Frome to St. Werburghs city farm takes about 3 hours.

The Malago Greenway

This is another route that led out of the city and ends at the former site of the major local industry. Through this route you get to pass through areas like the Queen square, the old Bristol Gaol gateway, the former site of St. John’s parishchurch, Crox bottom and a lot of other areas.

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Seek Southwest Tips

If you are hoping on hiring or buying your own bike, there are a lot of places in Bristol that provides beautiful two wheels. You might want to visit The BW cycling at Smeaton road, Bristol or call +441179272947. You could also visit Cycle Surgery at Link road, Filton, Bristol or call +441179143000. There are food stalls on some of the cycling route where you can get food when hungry.