Cafes & Tea Rooms In Bath


Have a taste of exquisite tea in an outdoor setting where you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the great outdoors in Bath. Also, there’s no shortage of snug spaces to savour scrumptious refreshments if that’s what you’d rather do. Whatever you decide to do with teatime, you’ll be spoilt for choice, as Bath boasts several top-quality cafés and tearooms.

The Best Tea Rooms and Cafes in BathA beautiful flower vase on a table

The Pump Room Restaurant

Enjoy afternoon teatime in style at the Pump Rooms. Known as the social nerve of Bath since the 18th century, the restaurant retains all of its glorious vintage interiors and offers live classical music from talented musicians daily to enhance your dining experience. The pump room is acclaimed as the most original Georgian experience, for traditional high-class afternoon tea.

Address: Abbey Chambers, Church St, Avon, Bath

Phone number: +441225444477


The Regency Tea Room

The Regency Room is a star attraction for fans of Austen and historic fanatics seeking to explore British history through her museums.  Live the Jane Austen experience with afternoon tea in the historic townhouse a few doors from where Austen lived in Bath. The tea is brewed to perfection complimented by exquisite food and commendable service for memorable Georgian dining. The Tea Guild, the highest accolade for a tearoom in the UK, awarded an Award of Excellence the tearoom.

Address: 40 Gay St, Bath

Phone number: +441225443000


Sally Lunn

One of the most popular cafes in the world where hordes of tourists flock for brioche and bun topped with a delicious selection of spreads such as walnut butter, coffee and house special, dulce de leche milk jam. The historic scenery of Bathenhances the allure of the café and several floors from each periods adorn the room for a truly divine experience.

Address: 4 N Parade, Bath

Phone number: +441225461634

Website: pretty lady enjoying a cup of coffee

Rosario’s Café

This is an independent Italian café run by Rosario Bavetta. The Café fuses his Sicilian roots with the British West Country. Leave the bustle of the city and enjoy a retreat in one of the best café in Bath. Coffee isn’t all they serve, amazing homemade meals and pastry, leaf tea, excellent Italian coffee and a breakfast menu that runs all day are some of the delights at Rosario’s. They also offer vegetarian meals and gluten-freefood and drinks for health devotees.

Address: 18 Northumberland PI, Bath

Phone Number: +441225469590

Website: coffee machine dispensing coffee

Café Rouge

The Café Rouge is a Parisian-styled family-friendly bistro with a vast selection of French cuisine and coffee. The breakfast menu is one of the best in Bath featuring croissants, omelettes, pain au chocolat tea and an impressive selection of coffee that visitors always love.

Address: 15 Milsom Street, Bath

Phone Number: +441225462368


SSW tips:

if you’re looking for free Wi-Fi, Rosario’s offers internet access with additional lighting and large print menus for visually impaired customers. The Café Rouge will only hold your reservations for 15 minutes after the chosen time (especially during busy hours) so let them know if you’re going to be late.

You don’t want to end your holiday without having tasted the exquisite tea and delectable snacks you’ll find in Bath’s cafés and tearooms.