Attractions In Wiltshire

Seek South West: Enthralling Attractions in Wiltshire for Holidaymakers

Attractions make holidays memorable. Such holidays are usually filled with beautiful stories, amazing experiences, and important moments that linger with us forever. At Seek South West, we want to open your eyes to all the relaxing and mesmerising attractions in Wiltshire.
What attractions do you fancy-steamy spas, cultural and religious venues, colourful gardens, breathtaking landscapes, fancy restaurants, well-equipped sport facilities, mosaic gardens, luxury resorts, or local markets? And Seek South West is here to introduce you to them. With Seek South West at your service, discovering them becomes easy.

Places to Visit in WiltshireA museum

Salisbury Museum, Salisbury

Salisbury Museum is situated in the King’s House, just across the Cathedral and some minutes away from the Riffles museum. The museum has outstanding collections and events all year long.  Salisbury museum possesses some of Europe’s most wide-ranging collections of Stonehenge and prehistoric artefacts of the Iron, Bronze and Roman age. Some old skeletons and treasures are also represented. After sightseeing, you can stop by at King’s House Café for lunch and cakes.

Address: The King’s House, 65 the Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2EN

Phone: 01722 332151

Arundells, Salisbury

Arundells is situated on the West Walk, opposite the lovely Cathedral Close within Salisbury and close to the museum.

Arundells was the residence of past Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath; It therefore offers an enthralling insight into his life.  Before Sir Edward came to Arundells in 1985 and lived here until he passed on in 2005, it was used as a medieval canonry which was let out to lay tenants in mid-1550s and then revamped in the 1960s. Sir Edward’s desire was that the public access to the house be granted so that others could enjoy the splendour of Arundells which has a beautiful garden stretching to the river Avon. Admission into the Arundells is £7

Address: 59 Cathedral Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2EN

Phone: 01722 326546Stonehenge

Stonehenge, Salisbury

Over the years, there have been many stories about the significance of Stonehenge. Some people believe it may have been used for some sacred rituals linked to the dead. The Stonehenge evolved from a ditch in the Neolithic period, which transformed into a very urbane stone circle. This historic centre has a gift shop with a myriad of souvenirs and indigenously produced crafts

Address: Salisbury Reds, 6 New Canal, Salisbury, SP1 1EX

Phone: 01202 338420

Kennet and Avon Canal, Bath

With its close-up view of canal side life, the Kennet and Avon canal is an inspiring natural attraction consisting of two rivers and a linking stretch of canal. Bath is the starting point of the canal, however, there are only indirect cycle routes along the Avon River from Bristol to Bath, and it runs from the Severn Estuary to the River Thames at Reading. The canal was reopened in 1990 after years of neglect. The Kennet and Avon Canal is indeed one of the prettiest waterways in the whole of Britain.A boat in a canal

Seek South West Tips

Before going out as a tourist, prepare yourself to see these various sites for at least a couple of hours. It is advisable to eat before you leave the house. Tickets are always limited, so it is highly recommended to pre-book your tickets online to secure your spot.