Art & Culture In Wiltshire

Seek South West: The Art & Culture of Wiltshire

Do you love to explore art and culture?If your reply is yes, then prepare to be dazzled by the rich traditions and spectacular cultural displays Wiltshire has to offer. In fact, this tourist destination, in its splendour, is the crown jewel of art and culture in the region.This is evident in its diverse art museums, the people’s unique yet friendly way of life, their vibrant markets, and their architectural marvels.

Wiltshire offers its own unique blend of art and culture to please any group that chooses to visit this wonderful and colourful city. You can come into town to partake in wonderful events such as international festivals, or visit award-winning museums or an independent gallery. Whatever it is you are looking for when it comes to art and culture, Wiltshire is rich enough to satisfy your needs.

One of the best ways to get around the best of Wiltshire’s art and culture scene is to plan your visit with the help of the Wiltshire Tourist Information Centre.An art show on a sunny day

If you believe you have a good eye for art, you can head on over to Wiltshire’s Fisherton Mill. It is where you’ll find various amazing works of art all gathered in the single largest location within the South West. This independent gallery has on ground artists working withintheir respective studios. Asides from wonderful works of art, you can also purchase gorgeous handmade jewellery and cards.In summer, you can also be a part of the Iford Arts Festival that takes place within Iford Manor’s stunning Peto gardens.Beautiful sculptures of three hares

If what you have is an ear for music, the Wiltshire Music Centre is a place you can’t afford to miss visiting.The venue hosts concerts frequently within its expansive hall. Several internationally recognised artists have graced theWiltshire Music Centre’s stage with their talent. Some of said artists include Courtney Pine the jazz legend, famous guitarist John Williams, and the City of London Sinfonia.

Wiltshire’s rich art and culture also has something for theatre lovers. In fact, theatre is a big deal in Wiltshire!The Salisbury Playhouse is recognised all across the UK as a leading producing theatre that performs all year-round. The Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival is something else to look forward to with its world famous Globe Theatre productions. There’s also of course the Salisbury Arts Centre, the Athenaeum in Warminster, the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, and the Arc Theatre in Trowbridge.Actors in a play

If that’s not enough, more art and culture can be found for two weeks every summer at the International Street Festival and Carnival in Devizes where you’ll get to watch a parade, lots of street theatre, and a confetti battle.

SSW tips to enjoying Wiltshire Art and Culture

Wiltshire’s art and culture scene is quite popular. Thus, if you would like to ensure you are able to attend performances or events you are actually interested in, you are better off booking for tickets in advance. Also, make sure you book for accommodation that’s close to the venue of your chosen event.

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