Art & Culture In Bristol

Discover Bristol Diverse Art and Culture Through Seek South West

Do you fancy art and culture? If yes, then Bristol, a destination rich in inspiring traditions and spectacular exhibits, is where you want to visit. In fact, if you are looking for the crown jewel of art and culture in the South West, this tourist destination, in its splendour, is where to be.You can see this in its vibrant markets, diverse art museums, architectural wonders, and the unique yet amiable way of life of its people.

Art and culture in Bristol

Here are 5 places you should visit when in Bristol. They contain the history, culture and valuable arts of the ancient city.

Upfest Beautiful wall art

Some people consider Bristol as the capital of street art in Europe. From Stokes Croft to Nelson Street, you can find the largest art works you can imagine on buildings, cars, walls and so on. It’s a culture in Bristol and even the city authorities approve of it.

Upfest gallery holds a lot of fine pieces of art. So if you are worried that a particular work may go off before you can take a picture of it or you don’t want to call on any graffiti artist to make one, visit this street art gallery on No. 198 North Street. They are open every day of the week except for Mondays, and entrance is free.

The Architecture Centre

Situated in a former sail workshop, this art gallery specialises in exhibitions and talks on how old buildings are transformed into new modern structures. Scale models of some venues where the London 2012 Olympic Games held, was once displayed. Several other exhibitions hold from time to time.

The Architecture Center assists volunteers in organizing of guided walks, called the “Urban Gatherings”. During this event, people go around the historic Redcliffe area and the famous Floating Harbour looking for modern houses that have undergone this developments. You can learn more about the culture by visiting the Center at Narrow Quay – between 11am and 5pm (Wednesday to Friday); or noon to 5pm on weekends.A crowd of spectators


A narrow alley leading to No. 6 Leonard Lane – which inspired a scene in “The Wrong Trousers” movie – is where you find the Centerspace. For over 20 years, this co-operative has offered craftsmen and women, designers and artists space to exhibit their works. From luggage labels hanging on a washing line with written memories to works done by a prosthetic limb manufacturer, you will find a variety of art on display in the gallery.

It’s open between 10am and 5pm from Wednesday to Friday.

Bristol Folk House

If you want to enjoy the best of Bristol art and music culture, then Bristol Folk House is a must visit. Whether you want to learn more about the language, pottery, jive dancing and of course live drawing, they got you covered.

Located on No. 40A Park Street, it’s also a venue for the Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival amongst other folk events. You can also enjoy some of the finest Bristol meals at the cafe attached to it. For more information, call them on: 0117 926 2987.

The Georgian House Museum


This museum holds a lot of history about slave trade and Bristol’s connection to it. Located at no. 7 Great George Street, it was the family home of a wealthy sugar merchant and plantation owner – George Pinney. It also gives a tourist an insight on how the city got it’s wealth.

Seek South West Tip

Entrance into these attractions are free.

You can attend the annual street art festival in Southville or Bedminster, organized by Upfest.

The Urban Gatherings cost about £6. So come prepared to learn as well.

Seek South West wants to help you discover every facet of Bristol striking art and culture, a world so diverse and beautiful that it will surpass your expectations. Give us a call.