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Seek South West: Bristol Fun Activities

When you want your holidays to be immersive and enjoyable, it’s vital to choose a tourist destination that offers sufficient leisure activities.
Holidays spent in a tourist destination that supports lots of leisure activities are typically nothing short of memorable and enjoyable. In such a destination, you get to give your hobbies your full attention and actually explore your limits. Do you love taking spa breaks, horse racing, cycling, hiking, sightseeing, or swimming? Bristol hosts sufficient facilities for a broad array of fun activities. Bristol landscape will bring out the adventurer in you, and its local markets and stores, the shopper in you.

6 great things to do in BristolBoats in a river       

See Bristol from a boat’s eye-view

Bristol was built to boost trade through its floating harbour with key products like tobacco, spices, sugar and slaves. Today, the waterways remain one of the greatest assets and there are several ways to get on a boat to view the city from the waterline. Bristol Packet Boats offers guided tours through the harbour to Avon Gorge.

Address: Wapping Wharf, Gas Ferry Road, Bristol

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Cycling in Bristol is no easy task, the city features more inclines that a ski resort but it’s a necessary evil for those looking to skip traffic. There are tons of activities to do on your bike such as exploring the wooded trails and wide spaces of Ashton Court, the Bristol to Bath Railway Cycle Route and you can hop on a train if you don’t have the steam required for the return journey.A lady at a carnival


Bristol as the closest neighbours to Glastonbury know a few things about festivals. Every June, thousands head out for a weekend of music, mud and being mashed. From May to September there are several festivals like Tokyo World, Love Saves the Day, St Pauls Carnival, Bristol Pride, Balloon Fiesta and Harbour Festival.

Spooky old buildings

As expected with any old town, there are some stories about paranormal activities, interlaced with the array of old pathways and buildings that line the city. Tours such as the Haunted & Hidden walking tours show visitors where all the haunted coaching inns, cinemas and houses exists. The hidden tour includes TV locations and movie sets that inspired some popular productions around the city.

Address: Bristol Cathedra, College Green, Bristol

Phone number: +44 7766 258407


Get High

The Clifton Suspension Bridge was erected in the early 19th century for light horse traffic. Today, the bridge accommodates over 12,000 automobiles and commuters crossing it daily. The location of the bridge on Avon Gorge makes it the centralicon of Bristol with thousands of visitors looking toget the best view of the ancient Avon Gorge and the city beyond.

Address: Bridge road, Bristol

Phone number: +44 117 973 1579

Website: painting of the Queen

Find Banksy’s Street Art

Banskywasn’t always a world-famous artist whose work sells for huge amount. Once, he was an ordinary kid on the streets of Bristol expressing his art with only a can of spray paint. His earliest works are hidden throughout the city and fans spend time locating each of his controversial pieces for a glimpse into his background and earlier art form.

SSW tips

The best way to experience Bristol is join the guided tours that offer the best experiences you might not access on your own. offers amazing discounts to some of the best activities and attractions so keep an eye out for that.

Seek South West is the assistance you need when considering a holiday trip to Bristol filled with your favourite leisure activities.