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Find the Quintessential Holiday Home in Dorset

You have decided to holiday in Dorset expecting to have the time of your life, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the right holiday home. Our primary concern at Seek South West is to offer you the best choices in accommodation for a holiday you’ll never forget in Dorset. It doesn’t matter how deep your pockets are, there’s something for everyone.
beautiful scenic views of the Dorset countryside

Located in an idyllic setting in the village of Monkton Wyld, the 5-star Highgate Studio is a stunning detached studio cottage. For £350 to £790 for 7 nights, lodgers enjoy comfort bliss with modern facilities and beautiful scenic views of the Dorset countryside from either their rooms or the small terraced garden.

The Cabin in Lyme Regis is available for 7 nights from £315 to £790 to experience the look and feel of modern, contemporary accommodation with lovely views to the coast and sea. This charming and recently refurbished timber framed chalet is the perfect getaway spot for couples.

Formerly a period cottage, Albury Cottages is an attractively converted top quality accommodation in the heart of Charmouth. This ground floor apartment has a small outside seating area and off-road parking space for 1 car per guest; and prices range from £295 to £660 for 7 nights.

Bowling Green Chalets Available from £500 to £1040 for 7 nights is Bowling Green Chalets at Lyme Regis, a traditional costal chalet sitting on the popular Bowling Green Chalet Park, only a small distance from the Lyme Regis’ famous Cobb Harbour as well as the beach. The interiors of the apartment is light and properly ventilated and gives off a modern contemporary feel with a white painted wall that contrasts well with its natural wood flooring.

The Peach House on Axminster retains all its original charm and character while converted to beautiful accommodation.  Located in lovely rural setting that is just 5 minutes drive from the seaside at Lyme Regis, the Peach House comprises 2 high quality cottages nestled on the grounds of a breathtaking Regency house. The price for a 7 night start starts from £290 to £740.

Also sited at Axminster is and with the same price range is the 4-star Orangery which has been lovingly converted to high quality accusation while also still retaining much of its original charm and character.

Church Cliff ApartmentsAnother 4-star accommodation that lodgers will find delightful is the Church Cliff Apartments which have been completely renovated to comfy apartment houses in a wonderful, seaside location in Lyme Regis. It goes from £315 to £685 for 7 nights.

Also situated at Lyme Regis is the vibrant and modern Grade II listed apartment homes, Coram Tower going for between £320 to £765 for 7 nights. It’s only a short distance from the beach, shops, restaurants and the famous Cobb.

There’s no need to leave your personality at home, we’ll find you accommodation that feels just like you. Accommodation is Dorset provides guests and residents with the best in safety, security, pleasure and luxury at reasonable costs. Booking early may offer you a chance for a special discount.