Shopping In Bath

Bath Promises Exceptional Shopping

What holiday would be complete without a few shopping trips? Whether you’re looking to shop on a budget or prefer high end fashion, rest assured you’ll find it in Bath. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous new outfits or spectacular locally made art pieces, you’ll find it all in Bath. Take a minute to check our suggestions for places to do your holiday shopping in Bath, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. We’d like you to know, there’s a good chance you’ll empty your pockets.

People infront of a shop at night

The UK’s oldest shopping destination is Jollyswhich opened in 1823. And you can still find it right on Milsom Streetin Bath under the name House of Fraser.

From Walcot’s quirky artisan district to SouthGate’s high street quarter, you can experience lovely aspects of Bath’s shopping districts. Each shopping quarter offers something unique with their fantastic retailers and impressive brands. Asides from being a hub that proudly hosts some of your favourite designer brands, Bath’s shopping quarter also has within it a diverse crowd of independent and individual businesses that’s unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. There’s tasteful jewellery shops, impressive homeware crafters and retailers, as well as distinctive vintage and contemporary art. Clothing, books, furniture, and much more are also plentiful.

Some of the bigger shopping districts in Bath include;

  • Margaret’s Buildings

Close to the Royal Crescent, you’ll find this interesting pedestrian lane which hosts several impressive art galleries. There are also jewellery shops such as Alexandra May whose wares will enchant you with their beauty and affordability.

  • Walcot StreetA street with shops

This area is often referred to as Bath’s bohemian quarter because of its unusual furniture shops and antique shops. There’s also a lovely cheese shop in Fine Cheese Co, as well as an arty trays and placemats shop.

  • Broad Street

If you are looking for quality fashion wears, kitchenware, household gifts, books, or just a nice place for tea, Broad Street is where it can all be found.

This is an old-fashioned indoor market that’s surrounded by Victorian architecture. You can find everything from a traditional sweet shop to a hardware store, haberdashery, delis, and even tea or coffee specialists.

Located at Green Park Station, out of towners can come here to shop for local game that’s in season, mushrooms, pork pies, cheeses, and more.

This is an open-air market that’s located directly opposite the train station.This shopping district has a faux Georgian style about it, but regardless its looks, it is still a wonderful shopping district to explore.

Asides from lovely shopping districts, Bath also offers shopping events. There’s the Bath Christmas Market, Bath Brunch Market, Bath Artisan & Independent Market, BathVA Vintage and Antiques Market, and the Bath Farmers’ Market.

SSW Tip on Bath Shopping

Each shopping district in Bath offers something unique and refreshing. Don’t limit your shopping experience by restricting your exploration to one area. Explore it all to find the best bargains. Bath’s markets are also a wonderful avenue for you to learn some more about Bath’s age old culture.