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 Seek South West: History & Heritage in Wiltshire

Are you in love with ancient histories and heritages? When looking for spectacular historic and heritage grounds to explore in the south west, Wiltshire is the destination to visit. And Seek South West can help you discover every aspect of the destination’s rich history. It will be like travelling back in time to watch the moulding of Wiltshire into the attraction it is today. Whether you are looking to marvel at Wiltshire’s natural wonders, many which have attained worldwide popularity, or tour its ancient monuments with the help of an experienced guide, we are here to assist you.

Historical buildings and heritage sites in Wiltshire



Stonehenge is a remarkable primaevalmonument of importance. It is the greatest prehistoric monument in Europe and one of the wonders of the world.Domestic structures and ceremonial remains surround the heritage site and some are older than the monument itself. Trace the footsteps of Neolithic ancestors, explore the ancient landscape and tools of everyday life they used, discover priceless objects at the exhibition centre and look out for the 5,500-year-old man, a highlight for any visit to Stonehenge.

Address: Amesbury, Salisbury SP4 7DE, UK

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Alexander Keiller Museum

The Alexander Keiller Museum plays host to one the most significant primaeval archaeological collections in the UK. The artefacts are housed in the Stables gallery and includes items from the World Heritage Site monuments. The museum is in the ownership of the National care and managed by the English Heritage.

Address:High St, Avebury, Marlborough SN8 1RF, UK

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Bradford on Avon Tithe Barn

This was alarge barn in medieval Englandwith one of the best architectural designs of its time. It was set up to serve a manor farm called Barton Grange, owned by Shaftesbury Abbey in the mid 14th century. Today, the barn retains most of its original roof frame and equally impressive is its top quality ashlar masonry.

Address:Pound Ln, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1LF, UK

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An ancient house

The Hatfield Earthworks

Built around 2400 BC, the Hatfield Earthworks constitute of a large, unusually shaped henge enclosure, bordered by River Avon and surrounded by a ditch. There were two entrances on the east, north sides but cultivation, and subsequent erosion makes it hard to see them. In the enclosure is a small earthwork featuring a doomed circular area and a low bank around 10-12 metres wide. However, the part of the enclosure under English Heritage care remains clear with a unique view of Alton Barnes White House.

Address:The St, Devizes SN10 3RQ, United Kingdom

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Chisbury Chapel

The Lord of Chisbury manor built the chapel to affirm his high social ranking in the community. Local people, staff in the manor and household members attended service and paid taxes to save cost on travelling to Great Bedwyn. For the last 300 years, the building has been used as a barn but visitors to the chapel enjoy a thatched and flint walled building where the original purposes can be clearly seen.

Address:Chisbury Ln, Chisbury SN8 3JS, United Kingdom

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A beautiful ancient buiding

SSW tips:

for a great day out, bring a picnic basket to lunch with your friends and family as you take in the great edifices of history that surrounds you. Keep a tight leash on your dog at Hartfield because livestock sometimes graze on the field. It’s a short drive from Avebury so plan to visit Stonehenge for a memorable experience.







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