Farm Stay Bristol


Are you looking for a family holiday break in quiet rural ambience with a gorgeous accommodation and a scenic view in Bristol? SeekSouthWest will help make your farm stay holiday dream a reality to enable you and your family can explore the wonderful riches of the farming heritage of Bristol. We have a long variety of great farm stay holiday homes with beautiful cottages or B&Bs, child-friendly animals and lots of fresh farm produce, and a panoramic view to enjoy.
And added with great on-site facilities like swimming pools, games rooms and adventure playgrounds, so you and your family get loads of family fun activities.

Farm Stay in Bristol

Looking for a great place to stay for your short holiday in Bristol, check out these amazing Farm Stays at Bristol.

A beautiful farmhouse

Heigh Farm

This a very beautiful place on an actual working farm. It has a scenario for a peaceful and amazing holiday with your children. They provide neat and spacious rooms with incredible modern facilities like a bathtub big enough for two in the bathroom, coffee making machine and a lot of all nice things. Your kids could play with the farm animals like the sheep, goats and even cows.

Address: the old court, Temple Cloud, Bristol

Tel: +441761470281

Brittons Farm Estate

This an amazing Farm Stay at the countryside that has a great view of the surrounding areas which is so beautiful that it just feels like you were looking at them from an artist painting. It has a conservatory of beautiful plants and flowers where you could stay to have a well-prepared English breakfast while enjoying the view of the countryside. You could also play with your kids at the farmyard that contains many farm animals.

Address: Beach Lane, Beach, Bristol

Tel: +441225805459

A farmland

Box Hedge Farm B&B

This is a country farmhouse located in a very beautiful area in Bristol that is about 2 miles to the motorway. It has various outhouses containing kitchens where you could have breakfast with your family. It is the best place for a stag party or hen party with its lovely barn and amazing rooms. They organize a lot of activities for their guests, so your family could take part in games like clay pigeon shooting, dune buggies racing, archery, rage karting and a lot of other activities to simply make your holiday a memorable one.

Address: Coalpit Heath, Bristol

Tel: +441454250786

Newditch Farm B&B

This amazing Farm Stay is located a few kilometers from center Bristol which makes it a lot easier to get into the town and tour the area. They offer beautiful apartments housed in a converted barn that is equipped with high-quality utensils, gadgets and furniture. It is really calm even thou it is close to the airport with its beautiful natural surroundings. You could get to feed the ducks, chickens and other wildlife that run around the grounds.

Address: Newditch Farm, Potters Hill, Felton, Bristol

Seek South West Tips

A lot of Bristol’s Farm Stay could really get occupied at some periods, so it is much better to call and book ahead. Some could be a bit hard to locate but can seem like an adventure, so you may need a map while travelling. It might be preferable to bring your own booze when planning for a party.

Reach us today to help find your ideal farm stay in Bristol.